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About Belong Costa Rica

The words 'SERIOUSLY CASUAL' sum up our organisation.  We are serious about the work we do but always like to have fun with our clients, projects and among ourselves.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the Project Management, Development, Construction and Hospitality sector, we believe we can take you from an idea right through to operating, whether that be a hotel, vacation rental or commercial project.

Part of the Belong Costa Rica Team

Our Team.

Below you will see our ever-growing Team, who at their heart love to 'Get Things Done' and have fun while doing them.  What makes us unique is our experience, which is wide and deep.  That's not much that we can't get done in Costa Rica and if we don't know the answer we will say 'we don't know, but we will get you the answer'.   

Who are we?

The best way to understand who we are here at Belong Costa Rica is to understand our values, as we believe these are our guiding principles regarding our interaction with clients and our projects.

We are seriously casual: serious about our work while also having fun.


We get sh*t done through organisation, communication and commitment.


We will always make the right decision for our clients, their investments and projects.


We will find creative, flexible and adaptive ways to achieve our client's goals.


We will take a sustainable approach to all projects and investments in Costa Rica.

The above has helped us in completing 100's projects throughout Costa Rica.  

Tell us about your project today.

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